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Geek Reads

Monday, December 26, 2016

Goodbye Georgie. :(

Can't believe you left us too soon, #GeorgeMichael. You were one of my earliest musical heroes and will continue to be one We will miss you. Go find the #Freedom that you deserve and although this was your #LastChristmas, your songs will forever be with us, never a #CarelessWhisper uttered in the night while most of us are #PrayingForTime. You have touched many for #YouHaveBeenLoved. Your music may have been #TooFunky for some but just right for those in search of the real thing or even just #Fastlove. You've paved the way for a lot of artists so much so that the road for aspiring singers have become an #EasierAffair. And while you spoke to those who were on the #Outside looking in, you brought us into your world as you were #SpinningTheWheel and proved to us how music was therapy and yours, George was simply #Flawless and #Amazing! We will forever keep the #Faith. You are our mentor, brother, #FatherFigure, inspiration and more. Keep making good music from the ethers and we will keep on playing, #As we all live our lives from #ADifferentCorner and hope for the best in everything. 

RIP George Michael!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Inferno - Another brilliant tome from Dan

Just like the Da Vinci Code, the book is a fast paced read and replete with historical and factual data that makes it for me an alternative to sitting in history class. Like always Brown's prose delivers as much as his book nemesis does.

For this installment, the situation that is being called for and tackled head on is not a hidden conspiracy involving another secret organization but the issue of over population, a situation when if you think about it, is certainly dire and immediate. This condition, while certainly an issue in third world countries, has certainly become a fact that the entire world must consider looking into. From drastic measures to curb the problem to learning about transhumanism, Brown once more has successfully blended the art of the thriller while making a statement about the world we live in. So far this installment is his most direct approach to pointing a finger at an issue that even world leaders have not come to a solution at. While certainly a solution to accommodate a problem of this magnitude covers a wide range of affected individuals, it certainly begins with the self.

Self discipline. Self awareness and knowledge that each and every action we do, big or small, has ramifications, equally proportional, on the entire world. My hopes for this book is that it reminds people and those in power about the need to conserve our resources in the light of more people being born and coming into the world. If we can't apportion or use our resources properly to maximize the most number of people, then its our need to have bigger families these days that must be put into question. Issues of birth control and family planning certainly comes into play with this thought. And if we don't start thinking about it, our children or even grandchildren and future generations to come, may not have an adequate world to live in.

And that is the most frightening thought that dawned on me this morning as I finished my coffee.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Year of Magic. Time for Injustice Year 3- Vol 1

 I’ve always been attracted to magic; in all its forms and incarnations. Imagine my delight when its finally given the chance to stretch its muscle into the DC Injustice storyline.

Fresh from the onslaught of the sentient Green Lantern planet named Mogo and the rest of the Green Lantern Corps (Year 2, Vol 2), casualties are abounding and humanity is left to deal with the damage. Be they humans, metas or magical folk, someone has lost someone in the aftermath of the war against Superman, as waged by Batman who recognizes that the Man of Steel has become the opposite of what he stood for; a dictator who is willing to pay the price just to impose and enforce his "kind" of peace. Since the previous issue, a lot of things have happened. Superman broke Batman's back. Oliver Queen, aka. The Green Arrow has died as well as Black Canary; but not before filming her own demise and Superman's magical confession and broadcasting it out into the world for all to see. Along with that, Superman has received a Yellow Ring from the master of Fear, Sinestro, who has taken sides with Superman. I take it that he is living vicariously thru Kal-El as the events remind him of his own reign as sole ruler of his home planet of Korugar. Add to this list of changes, Wonder Woman is also out of commission due to some magical maneuvering on the part of one man who orchestrated the battle at this stage of the game. 

One such person is John Constantine. Yes the radical Mage whose unorthodox methods border on the Machiavellian. He comes to aid Batman in his crusade to stop Superman while uncovering answers on his own. And since Superman has a weakness to magic, this was the perfect element to bring to the battle to ensure victory. And to do that certain things must come into play. First, Raven, needs to be taken out. Second, other magical users like Dr. Fate, Zatanna, Klarion, Jason Blood, Phantom Stranger needed also to be brought into the fold so that magic can have their day in the battle and tip the scales in Batmans favor. Third, Superman needs to be disabled with the use of magic.

Like in previous issues Tom Taylor has once again given us a fun and action filled read that collects the first 7 issues of Year 3. Constantine is his ever manipulative self and would go head to head with Batman as to who is calling the shots. (Yes, can’t have two manipulative folk in the same room) And a con man, pretty much like a leopard, never changes its spots so our charming but selfish mage, wields and deceives until he has quenched his thirst for revenge against Superman for brining the war to Earth, which claimed the life of Constantine’s wife.

  Wait, what? John’s married?

Okay, I give you permission to scratch your head. And he has a kid named Rose, who may or may not have some magical gifts herself. I sincerely hope that they explore this further. For now, I’m just gonna leave it here and because Constantine orchestrated this whole magical element into the fray, expect some twists and turns and no easy way to the the end goal. And any goal that is worth fighting for, is worth gunning for. Like this collected volume, its worth reading. Better yet, its worth keeping. I did.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Anne Rice and Westeros

My fave author, Anne Rice, referenced Game of Thrones in the recent LA talks with her son Christopher, during the promotion of her latest book in the Vampire Chronicles, Prince Lestat. In the talk, she replied to Christopher's question that generally books like Harry Potter, Vampire Chronicles, the Millennium Trilogy by Stieg Larssen, tap into some general struggle or journey and that without it, there is not much "meat" for the story to latch on to and thus not make it engaging for readers. Anne said that generally that is true but Game of Thrones broke the mold for having a singular hero undergoing a journey. She said that because the hero whom we thought to be in Book 1/Season 1 was apparently not. I wonder though, if Ned Stark, is George RR Martin's statement on idealism? That it's risky to be seeing life through rose colored glasses in this cynical and practical and at times, user-friendly world that we live in.

Truly Ned for all his faults as a king, was honorable and perhaps even faultless in the eyes of his supporters. And that whatever information he withheld or altered to suit the need for secrecy concerning Jon Snow's true lineage is definitely something he needed to do. I wonder too if in this day and age, Idealism is dead. Has everyone started to become jaded about everything and everyone else. And anyone who holds that kind of thinking or viewpoint will ultimately be sacrificed and thrown into the fire, because for the sole reason that what the majority wants and deems right and proper, matter. That the majority always would rule. And anyone who is not conforming to that should be silenced or learn to keep their views to themselves. Anything else is fodder.

What do you think?

Sharing the video clip of that talk too here. Enjoy and keep writing.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Catching up on Fury's Big Week - Avenger's Prelude

I usually stay away from prequel stories leading into the cinematic versions but given that this copy was on sale, I figured why the heck not. Plus this is all about Fury and all the background scenario that happens from Iron Man 2 up to the beginning of the Avengers.

All this is told from Fury's point of view, from monitoring the progress of Tony Stark following his offer about the Avengers Initiative at the end of Iron Man to Stark's drunken fit from his condo in Iron Man 2 to the recruitment of Clint Barton, aka. Hawkeye in Thor as well as Natasha Romanov's confrontation of Dr. Samuel Sterns in his lab in Hulk 2 after Banner storms thru the streets of New York battling the abomination General Ross has created.

As not everything can be told or divulged in the movie versions or even in the bonus scenes, the comics are the best medium to provide additional material that will complement and enhance once's knowledge of the Marvel cinematic Universe and equally provide a little more character insight into our favorite heroes.

Fury has got his hands full with keeping the peace in different situations that stem from one Marvel movie to another and he doesn't need a man like General Ross on his hands either who remarked the best line of this graphic novel for me.

Ross - "The World needs people like us Fury. I'm out on the battlefield killing our enemies and you're safe behind a wall protecting all the secrets that everyday citizens can't handle. You're the SHIELD and I'm the SWORD."

Fury - "You're not sharp enough to be a SWORD, General."

This may be an Avengers Prequel graphic novel but most of the solo films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are a way of building up to the Avengers itself and so its only natural that the flow of 4-issue graphic novel be of the same vein.

So is there Continuity in this graphic novel? YES

Is there a fair amount of exposition for our characters? YES

Do other secondary but equally important characters like Coulson, Sitwell, Selvig and others make an apperance? YES

Should you at least borrow or get a copy?...........(in full FURY mode) ....Hell YEAH!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Winter Soldier 4: The Electric Ghost

What a fortuitous event to have found this at Book Sale yesterday after coming out of the cinema following my first day viewing of Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier.

While the movie deserves more than a two thumbs up and certainly ups the ante for Marvel in terms of their Cinematic Universe, reading this volume as a part of a bigger and collective work pertaining to the ever unfolding events of the Winter Soldier himself, make me regard the book as something that is best read in its entirety along with the other volumes. This being Volume 4, after all and collects Issues 15-19. This then had me for a mad scramble to look for the first 3 volumes.

Hope other Book Sale branches would have them. Wish me luck.

This 4th volume marks the departure of Ed Brubaker from the creative team and has Jason Latour at the helm. Reading this certainly makes me even more curious for the other compilations and henceforth with this volume, I will certainly be on the lookout for more. Winter Soldier, or he who I will not name (don't want to spoil Muggles), has gone thru a lot and I wait for more compilations to turn up to further enhance my history of this tragic and broken character.

Redemption is indeed possible. That is is if one is aware on how to tread the road for it and if one is brave enough to get on it.

And while you are at it, go catch the Winter Soldier currently playing in local theaters now. Let's see if this whets your appetite for curiosity. :)

If you're happy with that, here's the official first 4 minute preview. Then we talk. :)

Welcome to the Diabolical

Another brilliant addition to my TRESE collection from the master, Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo. Filipino urban fantasy, dark noir at its best.

If you have not read any volumes of TRESE, this could be a good way to start as the original prequel of a story, "One Last Drink at the Diabolical" is included. But if you already are familiar and love TRESE, the Kambal and those back stories what we never gotten around to read about, then this first compilation is for you; or rather for us.

My fave story in this Volume is "The Usual Spot". The senti and hopeless romantic in me is so touched by this story and makes me wonder if Master Budjette foresees a love angle for our beloved heroine in the near future? And since this is the first collection, I am hoping for more back stories involving TRESE and her sidekicks, the Kambal as supernatural protector of the city.

But for now, you gotta get this and add to your TRESE collection. Or better yet. Read them all again. :)