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Geek Reads

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Anne Rice - Of Love and Evil

This second writing of Anne's, Songs of the Seraphim, series for me is much better than Angel Time. 

It is more simply written, which per Anne in one of her video blogs and interviews, is a harder thing to do and is a quality that she continually strives for in her writing. 

And if you think that because the element of simplicity is present in a work, quality and substance are sacrificed then think again, for only a master of the craft, like Anne, can give us all these and leave us wanting more.

And perhaps it is in this light, that we find this book a thinner one to read but one that is not bereft of plot, conflict and more questions for us the reader and for Toby who continues to struggle in his personal journey of redemption. 

The whole novel is tighter and takes us further on the path that Toby O Dare, assassin for hire, has begun in Angel Time. 

For this second outing, we find him on a mission for the Angel Malciah, in Renaissance Italy. Here Toby is assigned to a Jewish physician named Vitale who is tasked to find a cure for the ailing son of his sponsor, Signore Antonio. 

In this journey, Toby is forced to reconcile both people from his past, as hinted at the end of Angel Time while making room to accommodate new people and rectify what he has been led to believe at the start of the series. 

Written in true lavish Anne fashion and the proverbial cliffhanger, I can't wait what Toby O Dare undergoes in the next installment. :) 

Oh and did I mention that there was a "Dybbuk" (Jewish term for Ghost) in the tale? So what are you waiting for? 

Go get it and Enjoy. :)