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Geek Reads

Friday, September 17, 2010

Zero Hour or Zero Jordan?

Part of rediscovering my favorite childhood hero Green Lantern, was me being catching up to speed with all that has happened to my favorite character.

Alas when I got the book, I was dismayed to find that Hal Jordan only came out during the latter part of the story and we weren't given an idea as to why he became Parallax, he just popped out of the storyline claiming to have absorbed some cosmic powers after the destruction of Coast City and that was it.


Lucky for us, there is Geoff Johns now who has addressed the question of the yellow "impurity", and how it relates to the rest of the Corps and brought Hal Jordan back from the dead while re-forming and reviving the Lantern Corps.

For starters, you'll be glad to know that Hal Jordan is back to being a Green Lantern (REBIRTH) after his demise in Final Night. (which I have yet to collect), and we are promised more compelling adventures of our favorite Lantern after the events of the recent Blackest Night.

But since all of this massive graphic novel purchasing that I am doing is adhering to my love and fascination to a character that I have forgotten growing up and only in the past year allowed myself to embrace. (1st one being Dr. Strange), then this is still worth collecting, just to keep oneself in the loop of the Green Lantern/Hal Jordan saga.

Now, it's off to the next graphic novel and the hunt continues for more Green Lantern adventures....

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