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Geek Reads

Monday, October 24, 2011

Trese Book 2: Unreported Murders - Philippine Graphic Fiction

Equally as good as the 1st one, the second TRESE book continues the supernatural adventures of paranormal consultant & investigator, Alexandra Trese & her magical gun-wielding & flying righthand men, The Twins.

Focusing more & utilizing the appearance of elemental forces than the plethora of philippine mythological beings, the collection has Aswangs, Tiyanaks & zombies to keep you busy while keeping the suspense & mystery surrounding Trese with lotsa hints about who her father is & was in the supernatural underground community.

Book 2 also has a lot of crafty re-naming & association to real life urban legends like the Robinsons mall creature that abducts ladies in their dressing room or the evil conglomerate of a power company that require sacrifice for usage.

All in all this 2nd is another great read but like me I suggest you start from the first & work your way to the more recent book. Coz thats how good ideas are, like seeds of a tree in book 1 they are introduced & planted. It grows beautifully into Book 2 & now as I write this has blossomed to fruition in Book 3 & has grown into an orchard in Book 4.

So watcha waiting for, go get hooked on Trese. Coz if I had my way, I wanna be dressed as one of the Twins this Halloween 2011. As a bonus and on your right is a sample of a recent cosplay of Alexandra Trese by Bianca King. :)

Ok off to start Book 3 now, with Book 4, the current & recently released on stand by in my room...

Ps. End of the book has sample art by my faves Oliver Pulumbarit, Carlo Vergara, Ian. Sta Maria, Reirand Santos and Reno Maniquis. So go and get your copy now...

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