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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Justice League #3- The New 52

Having gotten the first 3 issues first of the new JLA, as part of the new 52 launch last year, I knew I had to continue reading and discover for myself what new things lay behind this new Wonder Woman. Now this change comes in the wake of J.Michael Strazynski's own take of our beloved Amazon that ended in her 611th issue before joining the new 52. With my own knowledge of Diana Prince, from the early TV series, the animated Justice League series, past readings of Gail Simone and George Perez as well as previous animated incarnations of her and the League, I was pleasantly surprised that this was not the Wonder Woman I knew.

For starters, issue 3 opens with our Diana breaking out of the Pentagon office in pursuit of what she deems is a harpy after having seen on TV that a winged monster has begun terrorizing downtown Dc. This time our Diana dons silver wristbands and the gold that once adorned her now all red and ribbed bustier is equally silver. Along with that she carries a sword that could be mistaken for Frodo's Elvish sword, Sting, given to him by his Uncle Bilbo. But once more I digress. The love of more than one fandom does have cross-referencing advantages I must admit. J

Ok, moving ward, Diana quickly discovers & relates to Col Trevor that while this new world she’s in has wonderful things like ice cream and rock and roll, there is also Darkness here. As if on point, the Winged monster appears atop a building, sounds off a Ping sound and opens a portal, thereby ushering more mechanical Winged Demons. At this time the same terrifying scene is equally happening at Metropolis and most recently at Detroit. Back at Star Labs Dr. Silas Stone is unable to leave his injured son, Victor, and instead ushers him down to the Red Room and administers the grafting of a metal called Prometheum as well as the injection of  nanobyte tech into his son’s body, who at this point looks more like the nuclear burned kids from Resident Evil. Oops, sorry, I did it again. Cross fandom reference.

The Metropolis carnage now being kept at bay by the combined efforts of Supes, Flash and Gl has been made more effective by the arrival of Diana, aka. Wonder Woman to which Flash is wowed and Lantern calls dibs. And just when they think that they’ve scared the Darkseid-Chantng creatures away, our heroes could only stare at their false conclusion as a massive structure suddenly looms out of the sea before them. And in their presence finally comes another formidable hero we know as Aquaman. But with a Kingly demeanor to him, how well do we know the King of the Seas?

Like the previous two issues, this next one is not without action or quips. Flash couldn’t believe that Batman has no power and initially thought he was a Vampire.  Superman acknowledges Diana's strength to which she nonchalantly responds, I know. I don’t know about you but for me, I was getting some subtext stares between Supes and Wondy. Can we expect a “pairing” between the two inspite of the “couple” status insinuated between Batman and Diana in the animated series?

Anyway, all this banter plays well with the addition of anther would be JL Member. So what happens to a group of powerful indivduals when you bring a King into the mix? Well, we’re gonna find out next in Issue 4, aren’t we? 

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