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Geek Reads

Friday, March 2, 2012

Dark Knight Vol 1- David Finch

Because I am returning this to the owner asap..I am making this short....if not Too short.

The drawing from Finch is a stunning, brilliant & allows the Bat to be a winner in every panel that he is in. For the artwork alone, this deserves a 5. 

But for writing it didn't have the ending I was hoping for. It kinda left me with more questions than answers. 

Still kudos to Finch on undertaking both drawing and writing duties.  And for giving us another look at Bruce's childhood the people who have indelibly made a mark on his life. This time around it is socialite
Dawn Golden and her recent disappearance has gotten our Caped Crusader all rampaging around Gotham in trying to find her.

As it is, the ending may not have given me the one I wanted but the drawing is superb as his drawing with purple demons closing in on Dawn and the Bats atop a building took my breath away. But alas the only sample of that drawing is the panel that follows it and not the one that I wanted to show you. But nonetheless, you so gotta read it to see it.

So far Finch is here to stay as he is slated to helm more supernatural adventure arcs for our beloved Bat. But I hope next time, he doesn't put his characters through the ringer too much, only to let them go in the end.

Oh and by the way, he is coming to Manila on March 11.

I will be with my family of Justice PH. See ya there.

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