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Geek Reads

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

After Superman Secret Origin

With my Green Lantern fix and rededicated fascination for Graphic novels, I got introduced to the writing brilliance of Geoff Johns.

His writing consists of going for the emotional jugular of the character & thus affect us, his readers in turn. What he did in bringing back Hal Jordan was a real coup and instantly I became a fan. After reading his take on Superman, Geoff was finally able to give readers that component of relatability. He humanized Superman and literally & emotionally brought Kal-El down to our level; stripping him off the qualities that made him Kryptonian & gave Superman the qualities that made him like us, human. From his Existential quest to know why he is here, why is he different than others, to being resigned that he is both human & more than that.

Johns also did a great work on Superman's encounter with Braniac which continues on in New Krypton.

Having aced Green Lantern & now Superman & other DC titles, I can only imagine for Johns that the sky's the limit. Pretty much like Kal-EL or Superman

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