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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps

Much has been said about Green Lantern’s Blackest Night, not to mention the subsequent back stories and tie-ups. In my “immersion” course into the Green Lantern Universe two years ago, collecting the many graphic novel compilations and tie-ups has been a journey for me and with Brightest Day Volume 1 released last year and Volume 2 and other tie-ins this year, I know my “work” is cut out for me. 

But for this time, I got pulled into collecting another tie in for the Blackest Night and this chronicles different Tales of the Corps; from the history of how Kilowog was during his own days as a Lantern in training, the becoming of Blume Godhead into an Orange Lantern, how St. Walker’s life was before and how he got drafted as a Blue Lantern, to the reason why Carol Ferris chose to be a Violet Lantern to the rise of Nekron as well as The Book of Black as written by Black Hand.

There are many back stories in this compilation to supplement one’s reading and sometimes after having immersed in the main storyline and knowing the full outcome of the whatever storyline, at times the back stories that were not included proves to be an interesting read. And it is to John's vision and writing that makes it so. 

Suffice to say that this is not compulsory reading for those who are merely after the main storyline of The Blackest Night, but nonetheless Geoff Johns has not held back on giving us some interesting reads and writing new historical data for Lantern nuts like me. 

Should I get pulled and compelled to collect the 2 remaining compilations of the Black Lantern Corps, consider me addicted and fully drafted. 

Go Poohzers!

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