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Geek Reads

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Thor- Latverian Prometheus

There's a frequently used or heard saying that Lightning never strikes the same place twice. In this case, having been "burned" by expecting a lot from my current catching-up reading of Thor, I've learned not to expect anything and surprisingly I got more out of it.

Perhaps I'm bound to compare it with my love for Green Lantern. But then again he's human with alien powers and this one is a god exiled and having to live with humans. Nonetheless after finishing the 3 compiled books by Straczinsky with the promise of more conflicts and Loki-infused treachery, I just had to prep myself up to be struck by the Thunder god and get this edition that collects, Thor #604-606 and Sif #1.

Surprisingly I enjoyed it more than the last compiled book as it showed how brutal and Machiavellian Dr. Doom really is (ha, as if I suspected otherwise); forging an alliance with Thor's evil brother Loki only to further his own nefarious purposes.

Won't say what it is, should you decide to check it out on your own. But suffice to say that it is a process that Doom ambitiously hopes to master and allows for the fusion of both science and magic. I felt this continuation had a good balance of action and heart as Thor and Balder struggle to fight against "former" Asgardians in a race to save the goddess, Kelda, mortally wounded in the previous collection and to give Doom a lesson he so deserved.

For now, I'm content that I'm at least updated a bit in the goings on of our Asgardian heroes as this collection prefigures another crisis in the Marvel Universe which is SIEGE. After Civil War, House of M, Secret Invasion, I think I wanna take a breather and check out what's going on the DC Universe. :) 

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