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Geek Reads

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wanna get THE GIFT?

After reading I felt the graphic novel may have omitted a part of the title. If read fully, it should be called The Gift of Comeuppance.

The premise is this ancient being in an overcoat goes around bestowing items of power to different people; most of these having been at the wrong place at wrong time & suffered more than their share of injustice & cruelty. These victims of circumstance become the Ancient Being's "champion" and chosen recipient of these items. Only 1 per person so don't be greedy. :)

The items infuse the recipient with powers enabling them to get back at their tormentors or in some cases increase their odds for survival exponentially. The artwork is crisp & the writing is as dark & veiled as the Ancient Beings purpose for undergoing such a task. If you want your reading to be dark, graphic & moody, then this is your thing. If not, there's always Harry Potter, Tolkien, Twilight & Narnia. ;)

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